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Frequent Asked Questions

Below are the answers to the most commonly asked questions from our users.

Naijatraffic Digital offers a reliable digital promotion and service from real users of a Music Streaming platforms like Spotify, Audiomack, Boomplay etc and other social media platforms like instagram, facebook, youtube, tiktok etc where you could gain more visibility from new audiences. When you buy the services from us you get guaranteed results with quick delivery.

the website is created to help musicians, brands, entreprenuers, and businesses to gain media visibility through our result-oriented digital strategist and private streaming ads marketing campaign and also increase the social media activities of business for sales effectiveness

On our panel you can find different types of Social Media and Digital Marketing services, such as streams, views, followers, subscribers, likes, news publication, charting, trending etc.

Earning money on Naijatraffic Digital is simple and can bring in as much as N50,000 to N600,000 weekly through three different methods: Affiliate, Childpanel Reseller, and Manual Reseller.

1. With Affiliate, you can share your referral link anywhere on the internet and earn 10% of your referral's payment every time they make a payment or fund their wallet, even if they make multiple payments. This is a lifetime commission opportunity.

2. Childpanel Reseller allows you to become a Naijatraffic Digital partner by purchasing our childpanel. This fully automated Social Media Marketing service comes with your own domain name, allowing you to customise your prices and earn a daily income. The child panel is a copy of the Naijatraffic Digital panel, and we handle all the difficulties while you focus on finding customers.

3. Manual Reseller is an opportunity to resell our services to others who are unaware of Naijatraffic Digital. You can advertise on social media platforms or reach out to local and international business owners. With the margins you set, the possibilities for earning huge profits are endless.

For instance, you can resell Instagram followers for N1000 or N2000 per 1k when Naijatraffic Digital is selling them for N400 per 1k. Being creative and persuasive can lead to more sales and more profits.

Yes, it is definitely safe, your social media accounts won't get banned.

For Example, to place an order for YouTube views at a rate of ₦500 per 1000 views, simply enter the quantity you want to purchase within the range of the minimum to the maximum per single order. Once you've submit your order, the charges will be deducted from your wallet.

Please note that our charges are based on the total number of quantity you order. For example, if you order 5000 views, your account will be charged ₦2,500 (i.e., ₦500 x 5). Similarly, if you order 1 million views, your account will be charged ₦500,000 (i.e., ₦500 x 1000). while an order of 100 views will cost ₦50.

If you have any questions or concerns about placing an order or how our charges work, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team for assistance.

Digital strategists and marketing are what we do.(we develop, we sell services from first hands). We have optimized methods over the past 7 years to keep costs at the lowest possible. Our production-costs drop as our production volume and connections increase. We cannot go into too much detail as to the nature of our production, for competitive reasons.

There are numerous companies similar to ours, many of which provide subpar and inexpensive services that have left many of our customers feeling apprehensive about partnering with us. However, at Naijatraffic Digital, we strive to operate differently and uphold the highest level of transparency with all of our clients. One of the main concerns our customers have is where their money is going, and we have maintained a positive relationship with our payment partners for over five years, as we are a verified business. We refuse to jeopardize our standing with our payment processor by engaging in fraudulent activities or selling low-quality products. Our parent company, Naijatraffic Limited, has been active in this industry since 2018 and has established multiple subsidiaries throughout the country to establish a reputable presence. We have served numerous musicians, influencers, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes by providing superior digital marketing services at an affordable cost, along with 24/7 outstanding customer support. As a Nigerian-based company, we have been trained by the best in the industry, with most of our team members having attended college or university. We only offer the best to our customers, and we encourage you to give us a call if you have any doubts or concerns.

We don't recommend running simultaneous campaigns.

A mass order is a large order that contains several individual orders with different links.

Using Drip-feed, people can build the engagement on their accounts at the speed that they want. Let's say you need 1000 likes on your post, you don't have to get them all at once — it can happen gradually, for example, 100 likes each day for 10 days.

It's very difficult to make your brand and business stand out in the modern competitive market. It doesn't matter how good your product is, ineffective marketing does not generate revenue at all.